A fruity nose with a fresh and dry mouth-feel. Perfect for seafood, simple fish dishes or just by itself as an aperitifWe offer 3 different ranges of wine :

« Les Capitaines », « Le Cortège de Dyonisos », and « La Cuvée du Comte de Maurepas ».


Les capitaines

Generally, « Les Capitaines » are popular because of their lightness, fruity taste, balance and fullness. This range can accompany a large variety of meals due to its simplicity.



Grape variety : Sauvignon.

75cl – 6 €


Grape variety : cinsault.

75cl – 6 €


Grape variety :

75cl – 7 €

100% Merlot. Caramel on the nose, flavours of black berries (mulberry, cassis…) on the palate. Supple and easy to drink, it will seduce all palates with home cooked meat dishes and soft cheeses.


Le Cortège de Dyonisos

This range is both original and complex. Filled with Greek myths, these bottles intrigue us and reveal the art of wine. We worked in particular on the presentation.


Grape variety : Sauvignon.

75cl – 8,50 €

A fruity nose with a fresh and dry mouth-feel. Perfect for seafood, simple fish dishes or just by itself as an aperitif.



Grape variety : Syrah.

75cl – 8,50 €

Notes of red fruits. A light and easy drinking wine. A good accompaniment for your summer dishes: salads, pizzas, grilled meats.


Grape variety : Merlot & Cabernet-Sauvignon.

75cl – 8,50 €

A blend of Merlot(70%) and Cabernet Sauvignon(30%). With its powerful nose, structured tannins and full body it is best suited to red meat dishes and spicy recipes.



Grape variety : Sauvignon.

75cl – 9 €

Soft, fruity and fresh. A semi- sweet wine which is half way between a vine-dried white wine and a muscat. Delicious with chocolate or fruity desserts. Try it with foie gras.



Grape variety : Shiraz.

75cl – 9 €

A soft wine that surprises you with its perfume of light sweetness and the sparkling sensation that it provokes. Enjoy as an aperitif or with dessert.


La cuvée Comte de Maurepas

The particularity of this range is that it’s raised in oak barrels. They are the upmarket wines of the Domaine de Saint Pierre.

Comtesse de Maurepas white

75cl – 12€

Our flagship white wine. Vanilla and smokiness on the nose. Rich, creamy and long in the mouth. Matured for 6 to 8 months in oak barrels. Recommended with smoked salmon, white meats, fish in sauce or goats cheese.

Comte de Maurepas red


75cl – 11 €

Our flagship red wine. A blend of Merlot (50%), Cab. Sauvignon (25%) and Cab. Franc (25%). Matured for 12 months in oak barrels. A full-bodied and serious wine for wine lovers and special occasions. Enjoy with strong cheeses and elaborate dishes.